What can I do

I think this is a very important question that every civilized human being should ask themselves:  What can I do for my community in which I live?



I am a 54 year old male who has spent twenty years of his life in prison and I have now gone on to obtain a Bachelor of Social Work degree (BSW) and my Master of Science in Psychology degree (MSP) I have dedicated my life to helping others to gain a better insight on how to better respond to the vicissitudes of life. I have changed my life by giving my life to Christ. There is no other way I want to live the rest of my life, and that is assisting with opening the eyes of other ex-offenders, while sharing the Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding of what it really means to live Free and Well after a life of being in prison.
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One Response to What can I do

  1. When you think about what you can do for your community, you first have to be aware of the types of things you do. Do you work for good or for bad? If you work for others demise, the best thing to do for your community is to stop hurting others. If you work for others good, you can do lots of things for a community. I am a firm believer that a long lasting work is one in which a person has passion. For example, if you love to garden, help others in your community learn to garden, teach a plant potting class, share your harvest with others… do the things that you enjoy and share some component with those who live and work where you live and work. Being a better, caring community member is what EVERY person can do!

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