Another Journey

Hello to all of my followers.  I know I have not been on my site for a minute, however, I still taking care of my business.  I have enrolled in grad school now, going for my MSP, masters in psychology.  So I have been busy with yet another goal in my life since being released from prison, after doing 20 years.  I have now been out for almost 11 years.  I am still focused, with my mind as strong as ever.  Now, I am waiting to hear from you!

Sam R Ford



I am a 54 year old male who has spent twenty years of his life in prison and who has now gone on to obtain a BSW and my MSP who has dedicated his life to helping others to gain a better insight on how to better respond to the vicissitudes of life. I have changed my life by giving my life to Christ. There is no other way I want to live the rest of my life.
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